Personal Training

Personal Training

Rather have some 1 on 1 training? That is possible! Together we find out what your goals are and create a fitness journey that fits in your live. No matter if that is 1 day in the week or playing with iron every day. 

Your goals can be around gender confirming surgery's or revalidation. Dysphoria,  building self confidence, physical injuries, sport goals or getting to know your body more in a safer environment. 


The trainings are in Queer Gym unless we discuss otherwise

Fee per hour: €75,-
Sliding scale en discount in combination with a longer traject is possible. 



Duo training

Rather come with a trainingbuddy? 

That's possible! In an intake we discuss your wishes and goals. We create a plan that fits into both of your lives. 


Minimum of 6 sessions for €450,- 
Sliding scale and other combinations possible.