Become a Queer Gym member!

We are open again!!

Please come over and try two classes you like for free. 
If you already know what you want you can check out our memberships and see what fits your goals and wishes. 
If you have questions about that or if you need a bit of help, let us know!






  • Care Unlimited

    Every month
    Unlimited + Donations
    • Unlimited classes and open gym
    • 20 euro will go directly to the community care system
    • Free acces to events
  • Unlimited

    Every month
    Unlimited acces to group lessons and open gym
    • Gym only

      Every month
      Open gym membership
      • Try me out

        Probeer in één week 2 lessen gratis
        Valid for one week
        • The big five

          5 klassen strippenkaart
          Valid for 3 months
          • One day fly

            If you want to join us for one lesson
            Valid for 3 months
            Community care 
            Taking care

            Everybody deserves a safe environment to work out. When you are living in poverty, don't have an income or maybe there are different reasons for you to be in financial problems. Thanks to the donations of other Queer Gym members we build a community care fund. 


            If you want to apply for this fund don't be afraid to contact me and we will discuss what is possible. 


            When you can pay for the course but rather do it in two terms. This is also possible. Contact me for more information.


            Your gift goes directly to the community care fund. Thanks to your €20,- someone in a difficult financial situation is able to participate in the classes. 


            Special memberships

            Voor de leden van Ketelbinkie hebben we speciale memberships.

            Die zijn te vinden op deze pagina