Welcome to Queer Gym!
The first Dutch Gym focused on non normative bodies!


Queer Gym is founded by Romy Rockx (He/him they/them)
and for the upcoming months based in a temporary preschool gym in Rotterdam.  

During my gender transition I had the privilege to work out in the home gym owned by my brother in law.
I had the chance to get to know my “new” body without overthinking what people might be saying or where to change or what to wear.

Everyone wants a save sport environment but this seems accessible for the privileged ones like me.

This needs to change!

I have a 10 year experience as a theatre director and teacher and I’m studying to add a Personal Trainer diploma as well.

My dedication to find power in the physical body and to let a person find their strength in general is what drives me to do this work.
Before you even know it you find yourself in a deep squat or a dedicated hip trust. Not to loose weight or create a body that is not yours. But to find your strength and trust within your own body. 


Right now Queer Gym is based in a shared preschool gym in Rotterdam West. From here, I am building a community that can grow into a permanently space elsewhere. Because of Covid and the temporary situation, I can offer small group classes, duo classes. PT or you can hire the gym for your own needs. 

In the future Queer Gym will be a gym where you can come whenever you want!


Do you have questions, do you want to know more? Contact me so we can have a chat and talk about your wishes. 

The story 

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